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There are many examples of people getting scammed trying to risk money to play some fun games of chance.  Nowadays, anybody can start a website and make any kind of claim they want.  So if you don’t know where to play, it is easy to lose money with an institution that will cheat you or not pay you or even somewhere that does pay but doesn’t offer as many gaming options as the next place.  5dimes is an example of a reputable, paying website which offers much more than it’s competitors.

It is not just my opinion that 5dimes is one of the best sportsbooks and gambling websites in the world, but pretty much an objective fact.  Not only do they offer all of those options I presented in the “Sports Betting: How and Why” article, but they are a reputable site that pays out and is highly rated.  Lots of websites that are available to nearly all countries, don’t have extensive live betting or don’t have obscure sports like handball, esports, challenger tennis, International or NCAA soccer/football, etc.  5dimes does have these sports and many many others.  They have more than any other site i’ve seen that welcomes Americans, and i’ve used over 15 different online sportsbooks. They also offer a reduced juice option which means an option for better odds than you will find almost anywhere, meaning you don’t need to win as many bets there as you would in most books to be a winning player. More information about this program and others here: 5dimes reward programs.

Off-shore sports books can be as shady as they want to be because there aren’t many regulators to hold them accountable.  That is why it is important to choose a good one.  This site has been around for a long time and has live customer service 24 hours a day if there are any questions or issues.  It is easy to see why they are widely considered one of the best, if not the very best around.  I know I sound like a shill (and maybe I am) but there exist an abundant amount of reasons why 5dimes is considered one of the best online sports betting sites in the business and I feel extremely confident asserting that they are, for the reasons I name here and many more.

If you live outside of the united states, while 5dimes should still be near the top of your list of online sports betting sites, 2 other sites to look at closely are bet365 for their state-of-the art, constantly updating and wide-spread live-betting features and Pinnacle for for having early and good odds and high limits. Or better yet, you can lay or back bets at Matchbook or Betfair where you essentially can choose your own odds and play against another player instead of the house while giving a small fee to the company which facilitates the platform for such transactions.

If you want to play daily fantasy sports, the two industry leaders are Draftkings and Fanduel.  Draftkings is a little funner to me because they allow you to make use of multi-position players so you can get more creative with your line-ups or fantasy teams that you create.  This is a fun game to play but it is very hard to have an edge with this type of wagering.  It is considered a skill game so it operates in even less of a grey area than conventional sports betting, though there is skill involved in that as well.  Some good research sites and tools for DFS are rotoql, rotogrinders, and rotowire.

Also if you are somewhere that offers it, you can place wagers in the sportsbook section of Casinos or in walk-in betting shops.  The policies and laws do vary from state to state and country to country and though, to my knowledge, nobody in America gets arrested for gambling online; the issue of it’s legality is sort of a grey area up for debate and discussion.  It is however illegal for a regular person to be within the united states and acting as a bookie/sportsbook and you definitely can get in trouble for that so it is probably not wise to risk doing that.

If you are gambling and losing so much that it causes trouble in your being able to feed yourself or your family or pay your bills or to where a loss is severely or financially emotionally damaging or to an extent where you’re noticing heavy negative impacts from it in your life, you should reduce or stop gambling completely.  It is a fun, recreational activity but if it gets to that point, it is problem gambling and you can and should make efforts to fix the problem.  You can find resources for fixing that type of problem at http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/ga/ .


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